Women’s Resistance Tour stop in Los Angeles

On Sunday, November 6th, the Santa Barbara chapter of Deep Green Resistance hosted the first stop of the Women’s Resistance Tour in Los Angeles, CA.  There were approximately 25 attendees, traveling all the way from Sacramento in the north to San Diego in the south.


There were two presentations in the morning:

1. “Radical Feminist Resistance” discussed the distinction between liberals and radicals, described the categories of patriarchal control & examples of ways to respond, outlined the difference between alternative and oppositional cultures, and presented some examples of effective resistance movements.

2. “Misogyny and Ecocide” discussed the link between our woman-hating culture and the devaluation of the natural world, including the fact that the advent of agriculture & civilization contributed to both the formation of patriarchy & militaries as well as marking the beginning of widespread ecocide & the severing of humankind’s connection to nature.


The afternoon consisted of different workshops for the female and male attendees.  The women’s group started off with a kickass presentation from Warrior Sisters, an organization that provides free self-defense classes to women in order to combat the high rates of violence against women in our culture.


Warrior Sisters gave a presentation about their organization. You can learn more here: http://warrior-sisters.org/.


The two representatives from Warrior Sisters demonstrated some helpful techniques in setting boundaries and, when necessary, physically stopping perpetrators.


Two Warrior Sisters trainers showed us how to break free of a wrist grab.


Next, the women heard from a Board member of the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), a radical feminist organization dedicated to the total liberation of women.  WoLF is currently in the process of suing the United States federal government over the recent joint DOJ/DOE guidance that redefines “sex” to mean “gender identity” under Title IX.  This sets a dangerous precedent for the rights of women & girls in the United States, as Title IX is the only piece of federal legislation which protects females as a historically oppressed class.  Redefining Title IX to erase biological sex, the basis of the oppression of women & girls under patriarchy, will eliminate a multitude of protections for women & girls, such as: certain scholarships in STEM fields, separate locker rooms and showers for females in public schools, anti-discrimination laws in the workplace, and much more.  WoLF is suing the U.S. federal government to protect the rights of women and girls.  You can donate to the legal fundraiser here: https://womensliberationfront.nationbuilder.com/.


The women’s group concluded with a discussion of how to strategize when organizing radical feminist actions, inspired by this video by Zoe Blunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vS4dJ2WWLE.  The end of the workshop consisted of a discussion on a topic that the women attendees chose: ending sexual exploitation of women & girls (i.e., pornography and prostitution).  I was so inspired by the group’s passion about this topic and look forward to working with them on this issue in the future.


The men’s group participated in two discussion-oriented presentations entitled “Male Violence: A Men’s Problem” and “How to Be a Better Pro-Feminist Ally,” led by two male members of DGR, Kyle and Dillon.  “Our discussions went very well.  It was nice to sit down and talk in a group of similarly-minded men about how to improve our activism, especially when we shared and critiqued each others’ stories of what to do and what not to do in relation to bystander intervention,” said Kyle.


It was great seeing all the attendees talking to each other and getting excited about the activities throughout the day.  I really felt like we were coming together as a radical feminist community, and this was an essential part of creating a resistance movement against patriarchy here in southern California.


If you are interested in seeing the presentations from this event, or want to be involved with organizing events like this in the future, please email us at santabarbara@deepgreenresistance.org.

Radical Feminist Activism

DGR is hosting a radical feminist event on Sunday, November 6th in Los Angeles. Anyone is welcome to come: women and men of any background, as long as you are genuinely interested in radical feminism and remain respectful when involved in discussion. Come if you are interested in learning more about radical feminism, getting involved in feminist activism, and/or connecting with radical feminists and male allies in the region!

If you are interested in attending or getting more information about the event, visit this page: radical-feminist-activism.eventbrite.com. Feel free to email santabarbara@deepgreenresistance.org, call us at (805) 364-2394, or message the DGR Santa Barbara Facebook page if you have any questions.

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October Meeting: How about a Hike?

October 16th, at 10:30AM:

Come learn about who we are and what you can do to get involved with Deep Green Resistance! Anyone is welcome to attend, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a member or haven’t even heard of DGR.

Meet at the trailhead for Douglas Preserve (coordinates: 34.403149, -119.736934). We will give a short presentation and leave some time for Q&A at the trailhead. Then, anyone who is interested can join us on a short hike through the preserve.

Contact sbcharliem@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/208004169619471/

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September Meeting: Picnic in the Park

Come learn about who we are and what you can do to get involved with Deep Green Resistance! Anyone is welcome to attend, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a member or haven’t even heard of DGR.

There will be a short presentation, with the rest of the meeting dedicated to Q&A.

You can find us in the park by looking for a sign that says Deep Green Resistance!

We will provide some snacks; feel free to bring some food to share.

Contact sbcharliem@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Water is Life Solidarity Rally #NoDAPL

See Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/173554736404822/

“Join Santa Barbara Standing Rock Coalition this Saturday, Sept 10th, for our “Water is Life” rally at De la Guerra Plaza in solidarity with the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. Opening ceremony with Chumash Elders at NOON. Speakers include Chumash leaders, environmental leaders, music by Native American flutist, Emiliano Campobello, and more!


We’re also accepting supplies which are greatly need by our brothers and sisters on the front lines, especially as weather is turning very cold. See list of items requested at bottom of this event description

#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Listen and learn more about Emiliano’s music here:

More info:

The Camp of the Sacred Stones and Red Warrior Camp, currently defending against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, are calling on allies across the world to take action from September 3rd to 17th on the pipeline companies and financial institutions working to build the pipeline.

Please make all monetary donations to the Chumash Nation through https://wishtoyo.networkforgood.com/

Re supplies:

warm camping gear and clothes are much needed. flashlights and batteries. Cooking supplies, tents, shade tents, shelving for the kitchens(there are 4 kitchens) , hay for the horses, toys and books for the youth, shoes/boots and warm socks. Also very warm jackets. Snow season is not far off.

Plase check back for updated list!

Learn more about Emiliano Campobello’s music here:


Read more background here:


This event is not hosted by or affiliated with DGR.